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Planning Your Perfect "I Do" Around the World

More and more couples are opting for a Destination Wedding when planning for their special day. Friends and family excitedly join in on the celebration to not only participate in the love of the bride and groom, but they also use a destination wedding as an opportunity to vacation for themselves and leave their problems at home.  The destination wedding weekend experience gives guests the opportunity to socialize in a casual, carefree setting rather than a large, local wedding ceremony and reception.  Because of all the intimate elements (Friday day and evening celebrations that may find everyone by the pool and then partying in the evening) of your destination wedding, the event brings a smile to everyone involved and attending. 

Where to start?

When planning for a destination wedding we help our couples choose a location that is special to them for example, special vacation spot, dream location where they always dreamed of being married, etc.   Whether in another city or out of the country, the beauty of a destination wedding spot adds an incredible feel to your wedding.  Anywhere away from home can become a destination whether it is in Montana, Aspen, Florence or Paris.  Your choice will be magic 

Who to invite?

Destination wedding guest lists are not necessarily smaller in count, but in fact more intimate in relationships. As the bride and groom, you will say your vows in front of your very closest family and friends. Don’t worry about the invites not reaching everyone in your address book.  Keeping the guest count down will keep the personal feel you want for a destination wedding.

Important things to remember when planning a destination wedding:
  • Wherever you choose to say “I Do” - Determine the laws and limits of the city or country you are visiting.  Make sure the plans you have made and the products and/or services you will be bringing into that location are allowed and able to make it in time for your day.  For example, in France you must be have a business license of that country to plan weddings.  Therefore, a visiting planner must reach out to, and work alongside, a local wedding planner.
  • Is there is a favorite florist you prefer to use from home? If so, make sure there is no surcharge having them work in that location.  For example, Mexico is very loyal to their residents and ask that their companies be utilized in hiring. Also, double check the specific flowers you will be using and make sure you are able to bring them into the country without incurring a surcharge.
  • Determine if there are any products and/or services that are NOT allowed in that specific country. Make sure to plan around these details to ensure your wedding is everything you want and expect. 
Whether a two hour drive or a plane ride away, a destination wedding is a wonderful and romantic experience for every guest. Your spending will be put towards a full weekend-long experience rather than a short event and your closest family and friends will grow closer.