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Sautéed Dover Sole Meunière Parisienne potatoes, Garlic spinach

Serving Size: 4 Portions

Preparation Time: 60 minutes 
Recipe Level: Advanced
4 ea. Dover sole
2 tsp koshersalt
1 tsp ground pepper
4 tblsp refined flour
4 tblsp clarified butter
20 ea. Parisienne potatoes Yukon gold potatoes scooped with a Parisienne scoop
200 gms youngspinach
to taste salt
to taste pepper
4 tblsp Meunière sauce (see recipe below)
10 gms chervil
• Prepare Dover sole by cutting off both fins & de-skinning
• Season with salt and pepper, dredge in a pan of flour, shake off excess
• Pour clarified butter into a sauté pan over medium to high heat. Add the fish and cook on first side.
• Turn the fish over and cook the fish 3 more minutes
• Remove the fish (save the pan with butter aside), place on a cutting board. Trim off the sides and carefully carve out the bones
• Put the fish back together, reheat if necessary for service
• Blanch potatoes in salted water till they are 90% cooked
• Add to the pan with clarified butter, sauté till golden brown. Season as necessary
Heat olive oil in a saute pan, add minced garlic and cook till light brown
Add spinach and saute till they are wilted, season with salt and pepper Drain off excess moisture using a towel
To assemble, place spinach in the middle of a dinner plate Place Dover sole on top and potatoes all around (5 ea. for one portion).  Drizzle Meunière sauce over the fish, garnish with fresh chervil.
Meunière Sauce: (Yield: 900 gms)
1 lbgms drawn butter warmed in slow heat and milk solids removed
200 gms lilliput capers
100 ml lemon juice
200 gms tomato peeled & diced in ¼ inch cubes
60 gms parsley chopped
5 gms peppercorns freshly ground 
Heat butter in a thick bottom pan to a smoky golden color
Remove from heat, cool for 3 minutes, add lemon juice 
Add capers and diced tomatoes, then add chopped parsley Check seasoning. There should not be any need to add salt as capers will provide seasoning.
Keep aside at room temperature
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