Photography by

Cinematography by

Olga Yermoloff

Owner & Creator of Olvi’s
Background Olga Yermoloff:
· Olga Yermoloff founded Olvi’s in 2002, she currently is CEO and Head Designer.
· Olga is a trained musician and attended the Moscow Music Academy (Gnesin) and the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam, she is specialized in singing and in 19th century romantic chamber music.
· Her love for classical music brought her to Amsterdam.
· Olvi’s was born during a trip to London in 2002 when Olga ran into a beautiful lace dress in a small vintage store on Portobello Road Market. The dress was from the 19th century and it looked exactly like the dresses she dreamed of as a girl.
· From her passion for lace and other precious garments, Olga realized at that moment the potential of luxurious woman’s clothing made of lace.
“What triggered me the most was combining vintage elements and contemporary design to create beautiful and feminine clothing with a soul.”
· After months of sketching hundreds of dresses and patterns, and finding the right atelier to sew the dress, the first dress was made.
· This was quickly followed by a first collection and the hard work of finding agents and point of sales had started…
· The name Olvi’s has no specific meaning a such, other than that Olga found this name to be personal, romantic and with a girly touch which reflected the world she envisioned.
“As every young girl, I dreamed of princess dresses. I saw my mother sewing her own dresses and from a very young age on, I liked sketching colorful shirts, dresses and skirts. My mother showed me the whole process, from sketching, drawing, making patterns and sewing the actual dress. She taught me that the fabric is the soul of the dress.”
· Olga spent a lot of time looking how her mother was passionate about designing and sewing her own dresses made of lace and other fine fabrics.
· Inspired by her mother, and dreaming of making her own princess dresses Olga started already as a young girl with drawing and thinking of fabrics, colors and patterns. When she was a bit older, she started to make simple garments.