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Naama & Anat Haute Couture

Royal Blossom Collection

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Naama & Anat Haute Couture are delighted to announce their newest collection of wedding gowns, the Royal Blossom Collection.

Trained in sophisticated techniques to create flattering silhouettes, the mother and daughter team have made their mark in the intricate and creative world of wedding gown design. The Royal Blossom collection exudes this excellence. Together, they have created new silhouettes and designs that are influenced by flowers and the way they bloom.

Inspired by the Spring blossom and how brides look and feel royal in their gowns, designers Anat and Naama selected a distinct lace in shades of ivory and blush, that features glitter and intricately designed flowers. Keeping true to the blossom, the dresses are named after unique flowers: Orchid, Tulip, Gardenia, Narcissus, Violet, and Magnolia. It features elements such as mermaid skirt, deep plunge, off the shoulder neckline, full illusion back, detachable skirts, capes and more.

To ensure inclusivity, Naama & Anat Haute Couture are offering their revolutionary illusion to match women of all skin tones. Every bride will feel represented and beautiful in her custom made, one of a kind Royal Blossom gown.

Naama stated, “We are so excited for the Royal Blossom! We know everyone will just adore them. Flowers blooming in the Springtime was our main inspiration and we wanted to make sure our gowns reflected this beautiful time of the year. And, of course, our color match mesh illusion is available! We want brides of all shades to walk down the aisle wearing our gowns feeling royal.”
The Royal Blossom Collection will be available through any of the sixteen retailers across the globe that currently carry Naama & Anat Haute Couture. The Israeli designers continue to offer the option for brides to work with the designers directly via their website if they do not have access to a local retail location.