Photography by

Cinematography by

Ines Di Santo

The Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

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"For me, this collection is about remembering all the moments of my life that led me to this point and celebrating how the best memories were always centered around family. Whether it has been my God given family or the one I've created along the way, family is everything and has always been at the root of my happiness. It inspires me to keep moving forward." - Ines Di Santo

To begin this season, Ines drew inspiration by reflecting on her childhood memories with her family that live at the core of her rich Italian heritage.
Sensory snapshots from Ines' adored Amalfi Coast travels; the intoxicating fragrance of the fuchsia and white blossoms contrasting against the blue skies, the cheerful sound of birds chirping, and the taste of sweetly tart desserts of lemon and cream cherished in the hazy afternoon.
Feathery textures float on layers of ethereal tulle like the breeze on the coastal tree-line as beading glistens like sunlight reflecting on the water surface.