Photography by

Cinematography by

Galia Lahav

Fall 2020

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Many have tried and gloriously failed to resist the call of the sea. Why not surrender to the allure, the emotion and the stunning beauty of the deep blue? As intrepid explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau once famously said: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Diving into our fantastical imaginations, mermaids eternally roam free in spirit — and life — beneath the surface. Throughout the ages, the aquatic enchantresses have captivated with their unparalleled beauty and irresistible powers of persuasion. They fearlessly explore, protect and live in harmony with the vibrant underwater life around them.
Spellbound, too, head designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever have harnessed the magic, freedom and emotion of the sea — and its mesmerizing denizens — for the ethereal Gala IX bridal collection.
A spectrum of hypnotic metallics and delicate blushes mimic kaleidoscopic scales of stunning sea creatures and the hues of precious coral and underwater flora. Delicate beading and exquisite sequins resemble droplets of water reflecting dazzling sun rays or a ship’s beacon in the romantic moonlight. Beguiling shoulder-baring bodices and body- contouring waistlines conjure up the silhouette of a spellbinding mermaid. Soft tulle layers on A-line skirting and flowing sleeves create powerful and rapturous movement — as if one is swimming freely in the deep blue ripples and waves.
Pioneering like seafaring adventurers, the designers also created new unique fabrics by combining gorgeous textures, like a shimmering gossamer-like netting that brings undulating seaweed to mind. So the bride can express her own singular personal style and empowered values on her wedding day — and happily sail off onto her next
adventure in life.