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The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

Chef Made Aioli


Egg Yolk 1 each 

Salt pinch Pepper, fine ground  

Pinch Fresh Garlic, minced  

1/4 tsp Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Puree

1 Tbls Rice Wine Vinegar

1/2 Tbls Vegetable Oil

1 cup Shiso

2 leaves 



Place the egg yolk in a bowl and whip until frothy  

Add the garlic, salt, & Pepper

Add 1/2 of the vinegar & Lilikoi

Starting a drop at a time add the oil while whipping with a whisk until the emulsion starts to form

Slowly increase the oil several drops at a time, as the mix gets thick thin with a few drops of the vinegar and Lilikoi

Repeating the process above, mix all the ingredients

Slice the shiso leaves thinly and fold into the mix

Adjust salt & pepper to taste  

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