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"Embracing Petals"

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Guests were wrapped in an elegant and visually rich landscape of embracing petals. An enchanting installation of silver threaded columns reached from floor to ceiling, resembling rays of ethereal light, a tribute to Brazilian artist Lygia Pape’s art installation “Ttéias”. The gleaming columns were positioned at different angles and created a sense of illusion and depth as they appeared to intersect, both revealing and concealing the bride as she walked down the ‘floating’ stairs. 
Oversized rocks and large delicate silk flowers throughout the space added to the fantasy, with a large wall-length mirror amplifying through reflection at the point of entry. Modern geometrical cloud formations handcrafted by Shanghai artists of Nan PaperArt, were suspended from above to create a dramatic sky over the surreal landscape,  
Prints of grand classical architectural facades layered with visual effects of clouds and fog set a mysterious background, further intensifying the bright rays of light.