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Tuna Tataki

Recipe for two people

Intermediary level
200 gr Tuna
10gr Poppy seeds
10gr Wasabi sesame seeds
10gr White sesame seeds
Slice the tuna into three 7cm x 3cm rectangles then rub each slice with one of the three varieties of grain. Lightly pan-sear then chill.
Sashimi Emulsion
60 gr White onion
10 gr Garlic
15 gr Spring onions
70 gr Soy sauce
60 gr Egg yolks
25 gr Lemon juice
15 gr Sugar
300 ml Grape seed oil
Thoroughly mix egg yolks, garlic, spring onions, soy sauce, lemon juice and sugar, then work in the grape seed oil. Sieve then pour into a siphon.
Baby Vegetables
20gr Carrots
20gr Asparagus
20gr Radish
20 gr Chioggia beetroot
Olive oil
Finely slice the vegetables then place them in freezing cold water. Refrigerate for an hour then season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Slice the tuna rectangles into 1.5cm squares then use an 8cm wide x 8cm high mold to evenly place the tuna around the rim. Alternate the three different types of tuna for design and flavor and repeat until reaching the top of the mold. Then, place the emulsion in the center, delicately position the crunchy vegetables on the top and enjoy!

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