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Burning Love

Stylized Photoshoot

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Bold. Red. Monochromatic Love. Burning Love is what this sex appeal photoshoot created through romantic candlelight, simple linen and chairs in a studio-like space. 

White spaces can take you places you can’t imagine. The Aspen Grey Event Gallery creates a dramatic sexy scene for this couple. Balancing the simplicity of luxury and high fashion, the color palette blends white, black and red. Shining through with boldness, the Katerina Bocci wedding gown. A dress fit for an elegant classic bride with a fiery streak. Highlighting his bride, the groom oozes with seduction in his red-carpet look. The couple dripping in frosting of jewels to create their on-camera glamorous look. 

Taking a twist of vintage glam with modern luxury, the main elements comes from the roses. Utilizing the shades of red to create a depth in color and different shapes of floral to create a symmetry to the design. A cake designed to show the beauty of luxury from the roughness of diamond to the simple elegance of just a rose. Together the use of white linen with black rim chargers, created a natural palette to allow the bold red to burn through. The fire that burned through this couple exploded with the attire, decor, cake and space on the cold February night.