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Meet Corinne Abuaram

Corinne Abuaram, Director of Social Events, Be Social Events

Corinne Abuaram is a product of the City of Angels coming from an upscale community in “The Valley.”
Her striking personality along with the knowledge and comprehension on how to create a “FABULOUS EVENT” formulates her high standing status in the event industry.
Cori, as she is known in Miami, re-located in 1991 after a week-long destination wedding created for a client from LA.
The chance this couple took with Cori commenced her name in the Event Industry world. Her success spoke for itself as it created a vast amount of inquiries to take on other events.
Cori commits herself to the craft of personalization’s for her clientele by designing and produce the most exquisite and striking events the city has seen.
Her inspiration stems from the formulation of her passion in art, fashion, and design, all molding together to manifest fresh ideas to turn her clients dream into reality.
She works with the mindset of an interior designer where precise lines and dimensions mixed in with textures and elements will fulfill all the senses. She’s perfected color schemes, tones, and ambiances from start to finish by the benefit of her meticulous personality. Florals are carefully hand selected to perfection to insure the quality of the floral is in pristine shape to fashion the vision.
The design mediums above are mixed and intertwined in a way that presents her defined style.
A perfectionist by nature, every design she creates reflects her being. You can always tell once you walk into a ballroom that Corinne had her hands on.
Her sought after design style and professionalism in the industry has carried her to obtain upscale clientele, including celebrities, from around the world. The trust her clients uphold permits Cori to take their inspirations and bring them to life beyond expectations.
Influences from Corinne’s travels have evolved her designs over the years. For example, Dubai influenced her desire to contribute unique highly personalized art installations which are gifted to her clients upon completion of the event. Pairs prompted the importance of a romantic ambiance by a sparkling sophistication in flawless production. Cuba brought her back to her family roots, which she makes sure to imply the significance of traditions passed down for generations. In Israel, she was taken back by the spiritual welcoming of faith and ease as it creates an overall happiness and has brought these features to create experience for her clients. Cori’s uses what she learns in her travels and utilizes various patterns, textures, and elements from cultures all over the world.
For the past 8 years, she left her solo act and took the position of Director of Social Events at BE- Social Events. Every day she leads a team of event mangers, designers, and production staff by encouraging them to better themselves, teaching them through her experience, and motivating them to achieve success.
The demand for her team to be the best is to ensure flawless execution from start to fusion on all her events.