Yaki Ravid

It’s not simply revolutionary couture—it’s original art. When you wear a gown designed by Yaki Ravid, you’re not just embarking on a new path in your life, you’re making a bold aesthetic statement.

Something of a design phenomenon, Yaki Ravid achieved overnight success when in 2009 the dresses he began making out of his home were met with unprecedented demand. He opened his first boutique only a year later. The shop has since come to occupy a rarified space in international dressmaking.

As one of the premiere designers in Israel, Yaki proudly boasts groundbreaking creative ideas in his daring approach to dressing the bride. Yaki made good on his childhood promise to conceive and realize bridal couture for discerning trend setters, for the girl who is ready to actualize a fantasy, for the woman who knows excellence and will settle for nothing less,  for the bride who cherishes the singular significance of her wedding day.

The inimitable Yaki sees beauty in simplicity, sophistication in fine lines, and elegance in careful craftsmanship. The confidence of his unconventional orientation is evident in the unique sweep, billow, and flow of his gowns.  By jettisoning fashion design orthodoxy, Yaki has birthed something simultaneously new and classic. There is an energetic charge of Old Hollywood glamour that emanates from his dresses, an escape to a time when restraint signified refinement and innovation meant breaking the mold.

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