Woná Concept

WONÁ is a Ukrainian bridal and evening wear brand. The name means “she” in Ukrainian since women are the biggest inspiration for the brand. WONÁ aims for every piece in each collection to be a celebration of women, as they are the source of inspiration for a perfect dress. Without beautiful women these dresses would not exist. WONÁ prioritizes quality as the foundation of any good design as well as attention to detail and trend forecasting to remain
current for the modern bride.
WONÁ Couture is a collection that unites dreams and design. The collection includes dresses of a large variety of lace and decor. WONÁ White only uses fabrics from the world's best manufacturers, and the dresses are complete works of art.
WONÁ believes you must love life and the work you do. WONÁ is committed to understanding the unique psychological abilities of women: the ability to empathize and the desire to make others happy. WONÁ identifies these two qualities as the basis of any work–especially creative.  WONÁ is dedicated to monitoring current fashion trends, analyzing their progression, and applying them to their designs. WONÁ rejects templates, copies, and routine. WONÁ offers the highest level of customer service and always strives to exceed customer expectations.
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