Paolo Sebastian

The 2007 launch of Paul Vasileff’s first collection marked the seventeen year old’s first foray into the fashion world. The young boy who learned to sew with his grandmother is now a celebrity favourite, continuing to captivate clients and media alike with his whimsical designs and dedication to detail. At just twenty six years old, Vasileff’s achievements include featuring at London Fashion Week 2010 and graduating from Milan’s Europeo Istituto di Design. A ground-breaking show at Sydney’s 2012 Fashion Palette launched the label into the international sphere. A perfectionist with a penchant for classic beauty, the Adelaide designer has impressed the industry with his maturity and scope of his creative vision. “I would not be here without the support of my amazing friends and family. Thanks to them I have realised my dreams and continue to create designs that honour the people in my life.”


Past Collections
>The 2019 Spring/Summer Haute Couture Collection