Arava Polak Bridal

Arava Polak, WIZO Haifa Academy graduate, established her bridal studio in Israel in order to express her creativity and her love for fashion by emphasizing the inventiveness and connection with global trends. Arava's dresses highlight and empower the soft, feminine, and aristocratic bride.

The primary collection is a mix of materials, memories, and inspirations. With minimalist designs upgraded by romantic and avant-garde touches, they are characterized by a mix of fabrics and full of details. Handmade embroidered laces, a mix of nude and ivory shades, colors, and transparency play a big role in her work.

All the dresses are couture stitched and made of high-quality fabrics, carefully chosen. In order to give the dresses a glamorous and high-end look, a unique handmade process of exclusive stones setting is used, resulting in spectacular unique textures. The collections transmit a fairytale look with sophisticated sexiness, glamour, and aristocracy.

Previous Collection:

>Secret Flower Collection 2020
>Winds of Blossom 2019