The wedding and event industry has always had the privilege of enjoying a steady stream of demand. No matter what global events have taken place, couples are always getting married, birthday parties are always being planned, and society has always had occasions to celebrate. The recent COVID crisis, however, has proven to be the great equalizer, with every industry feeling the effects of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Of course, this means countless weddings around the globe have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely; and with so many of these events taking a year or more to plan, it’s no small loss for wedding vendors. Still, it has been incredible to watch as several companies within the wedding world have stepped up to help with the COVID crisis, aiding within their local communities.

One of the main issues hospitals across the country are facing is a shortage of face masks and general PPE (personal protective equipment). Photos have even surfaced of medical staff at various New York hospitals resorting to taping trash bags around themselves as a makeshift version. Fashion designer, Sareh Nouri, immediately took to social media with an announcement:

“I have a fashion manufacturing company in New Jersey and we are fully staffed with pattern makers and seamstresses who are able to produce medical masks. Please contact us in order to proceed. We are here to HELP!”

She was soon posting videos to her Instagram stories, showing seamstresses in action as they began fulfilling incoming requests for masks from surrounding hospitals.

The Beverly Hills Hotel also stepped up to help first responders, handing out 200 beautifully packaged lunches with their signature McCarthy Salad to local first responders and medical personnel.

Another SoCal company, 24 Carrots Catering and Events, has actively been working to feed the community, offering a safer alternative to grocery shopping with their 24 Provisions program. Customers can order gourmet-quality grocery staples, fully prepared family meals, or purchase meals to be delivered to families in need. Online ordering is now available.

Redbird, Chef Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser’s flagship restaurant located at Vibiana in Los Angeles, has started an employee relief fund along with catering at-home family meals for pickup. This month, Redbird has been selling gift cards and donating 100% of the sales to this relief fund. More than $32K dollars has been raised so far, which will go towards supporting their staff while they are out of work.

In Miami, Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design has teamed up with two other local companies to form Team Feed Miami – an organization that is providing healthy, affordable, chef-prepared meals and non-contact delivery to serve the families, condos, nursing homes, and college students who are stranded in the city. By pooling their resources and working off the clock, these caterers are making food easily accessible and affordable to Miami’s most vulnerable.

Even during the COVID crisis, it’s nothing short of inspiring how the wedding world has made it a point to demonstrate exactly what it represents – love, generosity, and a commitment to others. This industry is full of extraordinary individuals who lead by example, showing how every little bit of kindness makes a difference.

>Written By: Lauren Malamala