With so many couples choosing to host destination weddings nowadays, photographers worldwide are taking to the skies and capturing the most incredible luxury weddings far beyond their local borders. Choosing the right photographer is the most important decision of the wedding planning process, as wedding photos are the only tangible thing a couple is left with after their experience is over. Be sure to peruse several portfolios and see which photography style you vibe with most – from a fashion editorial look, to a more photojournalistic approach. These six top destination wedding photographers are some of the industry’s most trusted experts, based around the globe. No matter where you choose to host your nuptials, they’re sure to capture your special day to perfection.

Based in Los Angeles: Trynh Photography

If you love images with a light and airy look (which adds an ethereal touch to your destination wedding photos), then Trynh Photography may be your ideal match. Trynh excels in preserving the love and happiness of life’s greatest milestones, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or family portrait.

Based in New York City: 4 Eyes Photography

Along with photographing several fashion and jewelry print spreads for Wedding Style over the years, Kellie Walsh and Rupert Rogers of 4 Eyes Photography offer couples two unique factors for their wedding photos – Kelli’s fashion and celebrity photography experience, paired with Rupert’s photojournalist background. Together, they bring a cosmopolitan, “NYC-esque” sense of style and refinement to any destination wedding.

Based in New Orleans: Arte De Vie

Husband and wife photography team, Cheyanne and Doug Keese of Arte De Vie, are based in New Orleans; but you’ll also find them jet setting and capturing gorgeous shoots in cities like Paris and Prague.

Based in the UK: John Nassari

Award-winning photographer, John Nassari, is one of the UK’s top destination wedding photographers known for documenting luxury events in England and beyond. With a keen sense of artistry and innovation, John has also created his own immersive image software called Nassari360, and his work has been displayed in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries including the Pantheon Gallery in Cyprus, the Town House Gallery in Egypt, and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Based in Toronto: Phototerra

The Phototerra team is based in Toronto, but has a presence in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Montreal, and British Columbia as well. If you’re looking to have your wedding experience captured in a way that combines photojournalism, artistry, and timelessness, then this is the group of photographers for you.

Based in Italy: Cristiano Ostinelli Photography

Few photographers can create the same blend of “old-world romance” and “modern day edge” quite like Cristiano Ostinelli. This Italian photographer always brings a sense of drama to his work, whether he’s photographing an engagement shoot in Morocco, or a bride and groom boating on Lake Como.