As designer Ines Di Santo’s second collection, Suited by Ines Di Santo joins the Fall 2022 lineup of wedding gowns with pieces dedicated to brides in search of versatility, refinement, and a more understated aesthetic. While they may not appear to be as over-the-top as her more extravagant ballgowns, Suited by Ines Di Santo maintains the same level of meticulous craftsmanship and proves that an understated wedding dress can also make the boldest statement.

Ines is proud to honor her mother and announce the launch of the tailored line, made in the true tradition of "Alta Moda" – created for and inspired by exceptional women everywhere.

Suited by Ines Di Santo features gowns made of figure-hugging stretch mesh that conveniently doubles as shapewear. This allows for maximum comfort while keeping brides secure, whether they are walking down the aisle or partying on the dance floor.

In an effort to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, the Ines Di Santo team has also remained focused on integrating more sustainably sourced and recycled fabrics, continuing their transition towards greener practices for present and future generations.

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