Demi, a Florida native, and Adib, a Canadian, first met in Washington DC where they both found career opportunities working for the same company.

“We became friends immediately, then something more special grew between us,” Adib recalls. “Once we started dating, we hit the road running with an incredible bond that just kept growing. We knew that this was going to be a love for the ages and any obstacle in our way was not going to keep us apart.”

Nearly four years later, the couple found themselves living in Toronto with a “big pet family in a tiny downtown condo.” Regular escapes to Florida had become the norm, so Adib asked Demi to pack a bag for a surprise trip the next morning. Demi was shocked at first, as their Florida getaways usually revolved around family visits. Although Adib thought his plans for a surprise oceanfront engagement would be discovered, Demi willingly went along with the impromptu road trip.

“We got into the car the next morning and began the drive with an unknown destination,” Adib describes. “After a mini road trip concert through orange groves and beachside highways, we pulled up the driveway at the EAU Palm Beach Resort – a castle nestled between the ocean and lush landscapes.”

At that point, Demi believed she had figured out her boyfriend’s plan, which was a romantic getaway for two at Eau Palm Beach. The couple wasted no time passing right through the resort lobby and right to the beach for a much-needed glimpse of the ocean. Clear skies and warm breezes greeted them, along with a special sand carving that marked a very particular spot.

While Demi was enjoying the oceanfront landscape, Adib knelt down behind her, waiting for her to realize what was about to happen. As soon as Demi turned around, she immediately started crying happy tears as Adib popped the question with a perfectly executed oceanfront engagement at Eau Palm Beach. Without skipping a beat, Demi responded with a “YES!” The rest of their stay was filled with cabanas, sunshine, and an indulgent spa day.

With the bride and groom-to-be having families scattered around the world, they are planning an engagement party after hurricane season in Florida, with their wedding taking place in Canada the following summer.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate with both of our families in the two places we consider home,” says the couple.

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** Photos by Krystal Zaskey Photography