Drama, extravagance, and experience is what MY Event Design wants to leave every guest with at any planned event. So, when a client approached the founder, Majeda Kassir Bisharat, with a request for a New Year’s Eve party, the dramatic theme of “The Phantom of the Opera” felt instinctually fitting for a night that punctuates the year. Here’s how the team executed the event that left 500 guests in awe and wonder as they rang in 2020.

The Entrances

MY Event Design constructed two separate entrances to transport the guests into the theatrical world of the Opera as soon as they entered the hotel. One was an experiential immersion into the theme, and the other was a visual tunnel experience as a teaser for what’s to come. The experiential entrance consisted of full red fabric that completely covered the walls and contained the performers inside.

As guests walked down the tunnel, the entertainers were moving behind the fabric, creating the feeling of the walls coming to life and leaving them with roses. For the visual 6m tunnel leading to the ballroom, it consisted of lined mirrors on each side that reflected the ambient candle-lit rows that gave the sense of depth. To further transform the space, white masks, a staple of the Phantom of The Opera, were lined on the mirror to give a 3D image of the mask as people walked through. Rich red roses cascaded from the ceiling along with rustic chandeliers, alluding to the drama of the 20th century.

Ballroom and Table Styling

No detail was spared for this extravagant event. As soon as the guests entered the ballroom, they were overcome with the sense of richness and warmth that filled the room. Similar to notable theaters around the world, the rich hues of Bordeaux and gold accented the space. Round mirrored tables served as bases for beautiful, large candelabra centerpieces that were decorated with hundreds of rich oak leaves and asparagus flowers. Round theatre-inspired pillars were constructed so the other round tables were beautifully draped with velvet curtains that exemplified a night at the theater.

Furthermore, long mirrored high dining tables were embellished with thousands of red roses and beautiful crystal candelabras that tastefully reflected the intensity of the rich atmosphere. Custom-made musical note napkin holders, a mask, a program of the night, a crafted music box, and a red rose were placed on every place setting to be experienced by every guest at the event. To complete the Phantom of The Opera table styling, customized mini cakes were placed on the tables. The bar area reflected the essence of the Phantom of the Opera era as well. That feeling was further exaggerated with the free-hanging vintage framed mirrors behind the bar, and lighting fixtures with Bordeaux shades.


The MY Event Design team didn’t only want the guests to feel like they were watching a beautiful show, but that they were also part of the act. The guests experienced a sense of that interaction when they first entered the ballroom and were greeted by a live painter working on the Phantom of The Opera’s main scene on a beautiful canvas that draped the exceptional violinist. “Lady Champagne,” a beautiful lady that stands inside a circle of champagne glasses, was also in attendance to offer guests a glass of bubbly.

Throughout the night, a number of exceptional acts were on display on a custom made runway and stage that was lined with musical notes. The acts included a stunning aerial performance from a chandelier to pay homage to the famous Phantom of the Opera chandelier. Emotional catering and ambient performances also entertained the guests until the early hours of the morning. The center stage was overwhelmed with a Phantom of the Opera live duet. The performances truly took every single guest on a journey that left them with wonder, excitement, passion, and appreciation for the arts!


Event Design, Planning & Management: Majeda Kassir Bisharat of MY Event Design
Entertainment: MY Entertainment & Nu’Art
Photography & Videography: Dazl Production
Location: St. Regis Amman

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