Buying a wedding gift for the couple who has everything can be difficult, as there’s only so many toasters and picture frames a home can use. Fortunately, L.A.-based Lynx Grills has combined style, practicality, and innovation into a collection of outdoor kitchen products that are WiFi-enabled and voice activated. For food and technology lovers, it doesn’t get any better than whipping up at-home culinary masterpieces with the world’s first SmartGrill.

The SmartGrill

Launched in 2015, the SmartGrill is the world’s first technologically advanced grill. The easy-to-use design is voice-activated, WiFi-enabled, and automatically cooks foods based on user commands. A variety of recipes have also been pre-programmed into the SmartGrill (including proper cooking temperatures and times), allowing users to select a recipe of their choice while the grill takes over to cook the meal.

The All Trident Grill with FLAMETRAK

This high-performance, briquette tray-free grill provides the best heat profile of any Lynx grill made to date. All Trident infrared burners provide the fastest-ever preheat, along with responsive temperature control for searing precision – a cooking feature that is impossible with other grills. The newly integrated FLAMETRAK system uses a sensor to indicate if a flame’s burner is out, attempts to relight it, and then automatically turns off the gas if it is unable to relight after 13 seconds.  

The Sonoma Smoker

The Sonoma Smoker was launched in 2017 and is designed to appeal to cooks of all experience levels, from beginners to BBQ masters. Combining food and technology in the most modern way, it features a digital control panel, smoker chip box, instant-read meat probe, and comes Wi-Fi- and app enabled – so users can actually monitor the cook process from anywhere in the world. A specially designed smoker box holds up to 6-8 hours of fuel, and the Sonoma Smoker automatically adjusts temperatures and cook time.

The Napoli Outdoor Oven

This piece truly makes a stunning addition to any outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. Made of stainless steel with a pull forward surface, the Napoli Outdoor Oven is available as a built-in, countertop, or freestanding unit. The oven features the Lynx Hallmark Blue LED lights to illuminate the cooking knobs and sits atop a convenient working space. It can also cook up to an 18-inch pizza pie with temperatures up to 700 degrees reached within minutes.

The Asado Grill

The Lynx Asado Grill is a unique flat-surfaced grill that is perfect for Latin asado grilling or cooking a chic outdoor brunch of omelets and crepes. It features a multi-layer grilling surface of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel for even heat distribution, as well as two infrared trident burners providing responsive temperature control over two independent cooking zones.

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