Las Vegas weddings are a category of their own. There’s something incredibly unique about the mix of glamour, headiness, and lavish aesthetics that somehow remain timeless and relevant – especially when orchestrated by a top luxury wedding planner like Andrea Eppolito. We’ve featured several of her weddings over the years, and her work truly speaks for itself. As the founder of Andrea Eppolito Events, based in Las Vegas, Andrea’s Instagram is chocked full of luxury wedding planning tips and quotes for couples and wedding professionals alike. Here are some of our favorite words of wisdom.

Luxury wedding planning tips for the bride…

“One of the most important elements of your wedding day look will be the fit of your dress. A good tailor will fix a gem. An exceptional one will tighten a bodice. Nip you in at the waist. Watch you walk to ensure that your hem doesn’t drag. An exceptional tailor and proper fitting will make you look taller, slimmer, and more commanding. You will feel more secure, less anxious about slips and dips, and when you step out in whatever you choose to wear, you’ll just walk differently knowing that every 1/8th of an inch of you is absolutely perfect.”

“Considering a second reception dress? Look for something that sparkles in the light, that’s soft enough to let you move and dance throughout the night.”

On hosting a wedding at home…

“I love when a couple decides to marry at home. The idea that every day they will step beneath the arches they married under, that they will walk down the same hallway, sit in the same space. The building is the same, but it’s all so different.”

Extra insight about the all-white wedding pictured above…

“It’s no secret that I love a white wedding. I love the timeless elegance. I love that you can add different metallics, and how keeping the space all one color creates beautiful texture. I love how the roses play off of the shapes of the hydrangea, and how the orchids come spilling out of the sides. I’m especially obsessed with the gold chairs, and those rich black accents on the tables.”

Tips about design and décor…

“I love layering different elements for an over the top, almost unreal atmosphere.”

“Cherry blossoms work for summer, spring, winter and fall. They can be warm and romantic or add a winter’s touch.”

“Your cocktail hour gives you an opportunity to make a major statement with one massive design piece.”

“Design a table that caters to your guests and entices all of their senses. Play close attention to the things that they will touch, such as linens and cutlery. Note what they will see, and perfect the lighting with pinspots and color washes. What will your guests hear? Can they communicate with those next to them? Can they smell the flowers and the food? Is there something they can taste? A small bite or a piece of dark chocolate? Set the table well, and you set the stage for a beautiful event for all.”

“Ombre is a great way to include color in your wedding without moving into full saturation. Playing with different tones and shades in the same color palette allows you to be subtle and soft, with just a touch of drama.”

A snippet from her interview on the podcast, The Celebrated Life

 “I want to create extraordinary events for people who lead extraordinary lives. I want to do that by celebrating life, luxury, and above all else, love.”

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