Pateil Davidian & Christopher Sarafoglu

July 16, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

Pateil Davidian and Christopher Sarafoglu knew of each other through mutual friends, but never actually had a chance to meet – that is, until Chris decided to have a gettogether at his house, and Pateil was invited as a plus one. Her friend, Christina, finally had the opportunity to introduce the two, and they immediately hit it off.

“My initial thoughts of Pateil when I met her were that she was so beautiful, full of life, and down to earth,” Chris recalls.

Further along into their relationship, the couple was celebrating Chris’ birthday in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. During a loud and lively dinner with friends, Pateil decided to surprise her then-boyfriend with a birthday cake. “Before I could put the cake towards Chris, he had already gotten down on one knee and told me there was a box in the center of the dessert,” Pateil describes. “I opened the box and I was in complete shock. The whole restaurant was clapping and cheering for us, and for a moment I had forgotten about everybody in the room – I had all my focus on the man of my dreams.”

With the help of wedding designer and florist, Eddie Zaratsian, Chris and Pateil pieced together their vision for a modern and edgy affair, with traditional elements woven in as well. “We were also grateful to work with Anita from Fancy That! Events,” Pateil adds. “She was there for us every step of the way and helped us with many details of the wedding.”

Keeping with Armenian tradition, the wedding festivities began with the groom picking up his bride from her parents’ home. The house had been decorated with beautiful flowers and drapery, and friends and family were enjoying a spread of appetizers and drinks. After a pre-ceremony celebration with live music and dancing, Pateil was unveiled to the groom and his family, followed by a Beverly Hills photo session and a wedding ceremony at an Armenian church.

Wanting the newlyweds to see their reception space before the guests, Eddie planned a special reveal while everyone else was mingling during cocktail hour. “When we walked into the room, we were both shocked,” says the bride. “We were astonished by the amount of detail and how Eddie was able to transform our ideas into real life.” The rest of the night was filled with dancing, food, drinks, and copious amounts of love.

“Both Chris and I were so thrilled to see our wedding dreams come true,” Pateil says. “Although we were happy that all the hard work and stress that comes with throwing a big wedding were over, we were also sad that the event came to an end. It is a bittersweet feeling, yet we have many photos and videos to relive our beautiful wedding day.”

>Written by: Lauren Malamala