Stay-at-home orders are steadily increasing across the United States in an effort to protect people from the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic. With millions now homebound, we wanted to share a few ways people can pass the time at home while also supporting small businesses. We’re all in this together, and these six little luxuries are perfect for brightening up the monotonous days.

Photography: Jessica Claire

1. Design your own lingerie.

Is there anything more luxe than having something custom made? Impish Lee lets you design your own lingerie, selecting everything from style to fabrics, and each piece is tailored for the perfect fit. Although this New York-based team is now working from home, they are still taking and fulfilling orders. Go ahead and design a new lingerie wardrobe to shake up those (at home) date nights, or stock up for future romantic getaways. Fun fact: Impish Lee can also “upcycle” your wedding dress and use the fabric to create a gorgeous lingerie set.

2. Rediscover the art of writing.

Now is as good a time as any to rediscover the art of letter writing – and custom monogrammed stationery from Pickett’s Press is one of those little luxuries that will serve you well for years to come. The Pickett’s Press showroom in NYC is currently closed, but online orders are still available. Use the code LOVELETTERS at checkout for a special 15% discount.

3. Order gourmet family meals and provisions.

Grocery shopping can be an “iffy” experience these days, so 24 Carrots Catering and Events is making things easier for those in the Costa Mesa, California area. This gourmet catering company is now offering chef-approved ingredients including poultry, beef, eggs, dairy, fresh produce, and pantry staples, along with paper products. Simply call in or email your order, and the 24 Carrots team will arrange a no-touch payment with curbside pickup. You can also enjoy an incredible family dinner at home with their catered to-go meals.

4. Figure out your wedding registry.

The wedding registry is one of those details that often get lost during the wedding planning whirlwind. Newly-engaged couples should definitely use this extra time to curate a thoughtful list of items they’d love to see in their home together, rather than throw together a random selection when they’re overwhelmed by other details. Slowdance by Jung Lee can help with finding unique pieces from all price points, creating the perfect collection of gifts.

5. Decide on a honeymoon location.

Travel bans don’t last forever. Pass the time at home by browsing our list of Top 100 Honeymoon Destinations and decide where you’d like to celebrate as newlyweds.

6. Support the arts.

In times of crisis, let’s not forget that we often turn to artists for a sense of relief, whether we’re binge-watching a series on Netflix, taking a virtual tour of a museum, or watching a free concert online. Support the arts in return by donating to local theaters, museums, or venues. On a larger scale, consider purchasing a piece of art like a stunning bird portrait by photographic artist Leila Jeffreys, featured in the Spring/Summer 2020 print issue of Wedding Style. Artists like Leila have dedicated their careers to making the world a better place. Supporting their work, in turn, helps their efforts while adding a touch of luxury to our everyday lives.

>Written By: Lauren Malamala