Grace Ormonde Book

After years of documenting extraordinary weddings and their elements in her magazine, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Grace Ormonde presents this collection of her personal favorites in one comprehensive volume. 

If you are planning a wedding or special event, Grace Ormonde Weddings – “being in love never goes out of style” will be a valuable resource. Couples can visually reference elements that intrigue them, and replicate or modify them. 

  • Wedding coordinators can use it as a planning guide. 
  • Photographers can use it to find inspirational subjects, settings and lighting. 
  • Cake masters and chefs can discover creative designs and presentations. 
  • Florists will appreciate amazing bouquets, boutonnieres and tabletops. 

In the words of Grace Ormonde, “I am passionate about what I do and I find fulfillment contributing to the realization of dreams, especially when those dreams manifest love between two people. Ultimately, our ability to dream is what motivates us, and our ability to love is what sustains us.”The book is available exclusively online through the website and is not available is stores.

We trust you will enjoy this extraordinary celebration of love.

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