With this being the 18th year that has passed since 9/11, it’s remarkable to look at what has transpired in New York City in nearly two decades. So much has changed within the city and its neighborhoods; and yet, New York continues to be one of those cities that will forever be synonymous with love and romance. Every day, someone is finding love, saying “I do,” or walking down the aisle at one of Gotham’s most spectacular wedding destinations. To celebrate New York and honor the strength, beauty, and infinite possibilities the Big Apple has to offer, we’re revisiting ten Wedding Style couples who are the perfect representation of how to celebrate love in NYC. From proposals to wedding afterparties, here’s how New York City impacted their love stories.

Patricia Simone and Adam Gartenberg – After meeting through mutual friends in NYC back in 2012, Patricia and Adam had their first date at the Dream Hotel. Four years later, with the help of Patricia’s family’s golden retriever (Wilson), Adam propped the question while at home in the couple’s Flatiron apartment. View Wedding

Cassaundra Vanegas and Alex Karnal – When Alex proposed to Cassaundra on his 30th birthday, he knew his bride-to-be would want to celebrate love in NYC during the summer. Much to her surprise, Alex had already booked a summer date for the Mandarin Oriental so Cassaundra could have the wedding of her dreams. View Wedding

Karishma Patel and Kinjal Patel – Few things are as “New York” as seeing a show on Broadway. After a year of dating, Kinjal planned a special date night and took Karishma to see Aladdin. The couple wanted to take a picture with the magic lamp, so Kinjal asked a passerby to take a quick photo for them. As she walked over to the lamp, Kinjal discretely asked the man to record a video instead and ended up getting down on one knee and proposing in front of everyone in Times Square. As Karishma says, “I guess magic lamps do work!” View Wedding

Mansi Kothari and Sushil Raja – Not only is NYC an ideal place to celebrate love, but it’s also a city that represents an incredible blend of tradition and modernity. Mansi and Sushil’s engagement was practically storybook-worthy, as it took place in Central Park at a bench that had been dedicated to Sushil’s grandparents. With the couple being committed to gender equality, however, they picked out matching engagement rings for each other before both getting down on one knee for a beautiful “co-proposal.” View Wedding

Dr. Shilpa La and Buland Madan – For their wedding day, Shilpa and Buland had Madison Avenue and 61st Street shut down for the groom’s epic Bharat. The décor was also inspired by NYC, as the Pierre Hotel looked as if Central Park was brought indoors. View Wedding

Ansu Shah and Karan Pardasani – Although it is currently closed for renovations, the Waldorf Astoria was where Ansu and Karan chose to celebrate love in NYC, and the couple still thinks of their gorgeous wedding day whenever they walk down Park Avenue. View Wedding

Jaclyn Gold and Trevor Bacon – Since many of their wedding guests would be traveling to celebrate love in NYC, Jaclyn and Trevor made sure to treat their friends and families to an unforgettable weekend with a theme of “old-world New York meets modern day.” View Wedding

Rachel Pauker and Brian Fryd – NYC has been the background for most of Rachel and Brian’s relationship – plus, Rachel is a born-and-bred New Yorker. So, it only made sense to have a classic and stylish wedding at the iconic Rainbow Room. “It is an old New York staple with a somewhat recent refurbishment that beautifully mirrors the light and vibrancy of New York, while still staying true to its art deco roots and the venue’s history,” Rachel says. “We loved that we had nearly a 360-degree view of New York, and the entire venue felt set up to accentuate these stunning sights.” View Wedding

Bess Castagnello and Sim Fern – Bess and Sim’s black-tie wedding reception in the Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History was unforgettable for two reasons. First, they were able to celebrate love in NYC under the infamous 94-blue whale. Second, Bess’ father would take her to the museum when she was a little girl, and her happiest childhood memories involved laying on the museum floor and looking up at that same whale. View Wedding

Nora Levy and Aron Charles – Having celebrated love in NYC with a luxurious, enchanted garden-inspired wedding at Cipriani, Nora and Aron ended the night in the most “New York” way. The newlyweds wandered the streets of NYC with their photographer and videographer capturing every moment and ended up in Times Square during the early morning hours. As a man played a tune on a battered piano, Nora and Aron danced to their private serenade as the sun rose. View Wedding