Sugar Branch Events has a flair for bringing a unique mix of East Cast style and Southern charm to Orange County, California. Debbie Pollick, CEO and Principal Designer, and Regina Banks are a dynamic duo whose passion and industry knowledge never fails to produce beautiful weddings and events. Here, they share more about their California wedding planning business and what’s in store for couples who enlist their services.

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GO: How would you describe your wedding planning style?
A: Our wedding planning style is unique to the client’s vision, along with fashion-forward influences in the wedding industry. New trends blended with old traditions.

GO: What are some of your favorite aspects of planning a couple’s big day?
A: Getting to know intimate details about the relationship, where they were engaged, how they fell in love. Aspects of planning a wedding begins with their story to help create the vision.

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GO: What is your opinion on wedding trends vs classic décor?
A: EASY. Wedding trends seem to be eye-catching and infusing classic decor. While wedding trends are POPULAR, classic decor can refine and elevate the design.

GO: What wedding details are often overlooked when planning a wedding and designing the décor?
A: VENDOR CHOICES. We feel the most intricate part of hiring your vendor team takes time and strategic planning. Choosing a venue specific to the couple’s needs, vs what they actually desire.

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GO: Aside from having a large budget, what transforms a “standard” wedding into a memorable, luxury event?
A: Customizing each event and making it personal to the couple. Intricate details, heirlooms, and location can transform a WOW wedding into HOLY WOW WOW WOW!

GO: What can a couple expect when working with you as their wedding planner?
A: Dedicated personalized service, working with a plan of action. Seeing your vision, making your voice heard, while taking a cue from the PROFFS.

Photography: Frank Salas Photography

GO: Do you have any advice for couples who are going through the wedding planning process?
A: Take your time! Spend time chatting with your future spouse about the experience you and your guests are wanting. Seek out a plan of action and selectively choose the right planner and location/vendors. It’s okay to also be open-minded and take direction from our team.

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