December is perhaps the most magical time of year, when anything is possible – including an unexpected marriage proposal. To celebrate the 2017 holiday season, we’re revisiting some of our couples’ love stories and real-life engagements of Christmas past.

Savanna Legg & Michael Mothner

On Christmas morning of 2013, Michael proposed with a surprise note, which led to Savanna finding an engagement ring tucked into a stocking. Later that day, the couple enjoyed courtside seats at the annual Christmas Day Lakers game; and the next morning, Michael whisked his new fiancé off to Paris to celebrate their engagement. >View Wedding

Stephanie Hillier & Luke Ballard

It was Christmas Eve when Stephanie and Luke were hosting their annual “re-gift exchange” party – an event where everyone brings a gift they received, but never opened or used. Luke picked a gift and started to pull the contents out of the bag, including hair dye, dog toys, and then a box. He got down on one knee and proposed, making for a romantic yet funny engagement. At the last minute, Stephanie had made the night a last-minute “Ugly Sweater” party; so, all their photos were taken while wearing light-up Christmas sweaters. >View Wedding

Stephanie Smart & Ross Desmond

On December 9th, Ross and Stephanie’s three-year anniversary, they had just bought a Christmas tree when Ross got down on one knee and popped the question in NYC’s Battersea Park. He had originally planned on proposing that evening at their favorite restaurant – La Petite Maison, where they had their first date – but suddenly decided he wanted a more private proposal. As it turned out, his spur-of-the-moment decision made for the perfect Christmas engagement. >View Wedding

Gabrielle Cummings & Elbert Hatley

When Elbert proposed, it was at the end of a long day. Gabrielle was watching one of her favorite shows and couldn’t figure out why her boyfriend was pacing in front of the TV screen. Finally, Elbert said he wanted to give her an early Christmas gift, and proceeded to hand her a jewelry bag with a box inside. Initially, Gabrielle thought it was a necklace or earrings; but it was an unforgettable surprise when she opened the box to find a beautiful sapphire engagement ring. >View Wedding

Lindsay Migliaccio & Dominic Piperno

Two-and-a-half years after dating, Lindsay and Dominic were visiting some of their favorite spots in Philadelphia. It was early in December, the city was teeming with Christmas spirit, and the couple ended up walking around Rittenhouse Square. There, they sat at a table by the window of a neighborhood bistro, and ordered champagne and a cheese board. As it began to grow dark, the lights in the square twinkled and created a magical ambiance. Dominic suggested they stop by one more place before returning home, and led Lindsay to the park which was filled with snowflake lights. While walking through the park, he then stopped in front of the Christmas tree, dropped to one knee, and proposed while holding a red engagement ring box. All Lindsay could hear was the sound of applause and cheers from friendly passerby’s. >View Wedding

Elyssa Canales & Eduardo Villarreal

Although the two had discussed marriage, Elyssa had no idea when or where the proposal would take place. On Christmas Day of 2013, when the whole family was sitting around the Christmas tree, Eddie brought out an engagement ring and proposed in front of their friends and family. >View Wedding

To all our couples – past, present, and future – we wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love!

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